Team Kool-Aid wins ninth annual German Streetball Night Tournament

As members of KMC’s Team Kool-Aid knocked down their final shots in the championship game of the ninth annual German Streetball Night in Kaiserslautern to beat Defending Champs, they looked like a team that was glad it was finally over.

 Team Kool-Aid managed to go undefeated, 7-0, in the tournament and win the championship game on the morning of June 21. Team Kool-Aid’s roster consisted of Joe Touvell, Jimmie Lucas, Marcus Colley and Josiah “JoJo” Martin.

“This was a satisfying championship for us,” said team captain Joe Touvell. “This was one of the longest tournaments we have ever played in. There were a lot of good teams in the tournament so we are very pleased to go undefeated and win the championship.

“This was a great opportunity for us to go out and play against some of the German nationals and hang out for the evening. This is a nice event and allows the Americans who are stationed in the area to mingle with the locals and enjoy the game of basketball,” Touvell said. “We are always playing together in the Ramstein Southside Gym, so it was nice to go out and play someone different.”

The championship game was not the only piece of hardware Team Kool-Aid took home that day. Touvell also won the three-point shootout contest that took place that evening. 

“Once my name was called, I just went to the three point line and started shooting,” he said. “I figured I didn’t have anything to lose so just have fun with it. The next thing I know, they were presenting me with the three point trophy.”

 Overall, it was a nice event and the team looks forward to participating again next year.

(Courtesy of Joe Touvell)