Team Ramstein Excellence:
“Biggest, Busiest and Best,” It’s all around us, everywhere, every day!

Brig. Gen. Rob Kane
86th Airlift Wing/KMC commander

***image1***I’ve said this many times and I’ll say it every day until I leave − “It’s good to be us!” You’ve got to love our Team’s job − operating (that’s “operating” with a capital O) one of, if not THE, most important military installations in the world. And you’re all doing it as safely as possible and in a manner that has already been recognized all the way up at the Air Force level. As one of three finalists for this year’s Commander’s in Chief Installation Excellence Trophy, we’ve got an opportunity to show the rest of the Air Force how it’s done and that at Ramstein, “we get it − all of it”!

For those of us that have lived through and contributed to the massive Ramstein transformation of the past couple years, this has truly been a once in a lifetime opportunity. Together we’ve faced innumerable challenges just operating a base that provides most of the support for the largest American community outside of the United States, let alone operating one of our Nation’s most important airlift centers safely, all while literally transforming our base from a 1950s fighter base into one of the most modern and capable air mobility hubs in the world. In a word − Wow!

I couldn’t be prouder of all that you’ve done over the two and a half years I’ve been here, but especially in 2005 when much of our transformational projects have come to fruition and begun to mature, like the new runway, freight terminal, pax terminal, CRG and ACOMG projects, NCO club, among others. You did it all while making unimagined improvement in the appearance of the base and at the same time, continued to fight the Global War on Terror, responded to crises in Africa, and provided world class agile combat support and airlift wherever and whenever needed.

Most importantly, it’s become much more than the buildings or airplanes; it’s about people and attitude. Your initiatives to be good wingmen have resulted in a safer, cohesive and ultimately more effective team. Along with our NATO Allies, Headquarters, AMC and Army brethren, major associate units, civilians and families, you have created a unique community where people know they are connected through a common theme − taking care of the mission while taking care of each other. At Ramstein, it’s about getting it right and simply put − it’s become our way of life.

So now we’ve got a unique opportunity to show everyone exactly what goes on here at Ramstein and win the Commander in Chief’s Trophy!
What do I expect all of you and everyone in our community to do while the evaluation team is here?  Actually I just want you to do what you do everyday, operate the Biggest, Busiest, and Best base in the Air Force in support of our Nation, do it with your normal standard of Excellence and be proud of what you’re doing with that winning attitude of yours that says, “We Got It!” and “It’s Good to Be Us!”