The CUBO experience

Story and photos by A.L. Shaff
Contributing writer

We had passed the shabby indoor pool building on Kaiserstrasse in Landstuhl hundreds of times as we headed for work or the commissary and never thought of stopping.

Soon, the wrecking crews ripped out everything until only a skeleton stood in the wind. Step by step, the building took on a new form, something sleek and modern called CUBO. Still, we never stopped, never asked, never really wondered what that glitzy new building held. After all, what’s a CUBO?

In fact, CUBO offers a marvelous facility dedicated to relaxation, recovery and well-being that rivals the most lavish and expensive spas. Also, hidden behind the orange, red and yellow facade of the building, a world of outdoor enjoyment called the Nature Experience Pool serves people with game spaces, a pool, water slide, large natural sunning lawns and a patio restaurant for meals and refreshments.

CUBO and the Nature Experience combine as a public activity that costs relatively little and allows unlimited relaxation, recovery and healing time during open hours.

CUBO, which translates from Latin to something near “relax,” contains six forms of saunas, a cold plunge pool, solitude rooms with soft music and even a gourmet restaurant.  The Mediterranean-style sauna garden features fountains and sunbathing lounges under the trees. To cap a perfect day of relaxation and recovery, CUBO also offers Asian-styled massages and spa treatments before ending the day with perfectly cooked regional food from CUBO’s chic bistro.

The Nature Experience Pool area seems the perfect location for a birthday party or unit celebration because of the volleyball court, tennis tables, water slide and children’s wading pool. However, cooking is not allowed in the facility. To arrange a group booking, call Gundula Mueller at the number listed below.

Prices for both CUBO and the Nature Experience Pool include the full day’s activities at €14 for adults and €10 for children from 4 to 17. Unfortunately, the facility allows no children under 4 years old in the CUBO spa area. For the outdoor pool area, each child under 5 years old must be accompanied by an adult. For the pool area only, adults pay €2.50 and children €1.20. For only €65, parents can purchase a season card allowing one adult and unrestricted numbers of their children.

CUBO is open from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. Monday to Saturday. CUBO is open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Sundays and German holidays.

CUBO and Nature Experience Pool is located on Kaiserstrasse 126, 66849 Landstuhl on the  main drag from Landstuhl to Einsiedlerhof and Pulaski Barracks.

For more information, call 06371-130571 or visit or www.