The Housing Hype


Housing questions you’ve always wanted to ask, but were too afraid!

Here is a list of frequently asked questions compiled from our day-to-day conversations with you, our customers.

Question: When does my TLA start? When I attend the Housing Brief or when I land in Germany?

Answer: Your TLA starts the day that you land in Germany and you’ve checked into your hotel. You should attend the earliest available housing brief in order to learn how to claim your TLA and continue to receive TLA authorization.

Question: I’m unaccompanied and lodging is $149 a night, I’m only reimbursed up to $131! What can I do?

Answer: Unaccompanied service members who are authorized TLA can book a hotel room off-base without the statement of Non-Availability. The current conversion rate allows them to stay in a room up to 113€ nightly.

Question: When does my TLA end? How many days am I authorized?

Answer: You may be authorized up to 30 days of TLA when you arrive. Some service members might receive an offer for government housing even if they prefer to live off-base. In these cases, the offer is made because there is government housing available to the member and loaner furniture could be delivered to the home. It is the service member’s personal preference to not accept that home so TLA would be terminated the day Furnishings Management Section could deliver loaner items. For members that are authorized up to 30 days, TLA is terminated the day FMS/TMO can deliver loaner items/HHG to the address on the local economy.

Question: FMS/TMO cannot deliver until after my 30 days! What can I do?

Answer: In these cases, the service member can come into the Housing Office and apply for an extension until the day their FMS/HHG is delivered.

Question: I’m PCSing out. How many days of TLA are authorized?

Answer: Military Service members are authorized up to ten days of TLA from your “fly out” date. Anything more than ten must be approved by USAREUR G1.

Question: My plane was delayed! Who will reimburse me for any additional days?

Answer: If your flight is delayed, the airline that is operating your Patriot Express flight will provide instructions on how to claim additional nights in lodging due to the delay. The KMC Housing Office is not the approving authority for these claims.

To help with all of your housing needs, visit the KMC Housing Office at Vogelweh, Building 1001 or contact us by calling +49 631 536 6672/DSN 314-489-6672. You can also view our Facebook Page at for the latest happenings in Housing!