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Military PCS: Six Tips for a Smooth Move

Terminating Government Quarters?

Did you know the Housing Office requires a 40-day advanced notice of intent to terminate government quarters?

First, contact the KMC Housing Office, Assistance Section and:

  1. Provide 4 copies of your “PCS Orders and a Port Call” date (if known).
  2. Schedule a ”Pre and Final” Inspection appointment for your quarters.
  3. If you don’t have your Orders or a Port Call date, but can anticipate a future date:
      Schedule the “Pre” Inspection
      A separate appointment will be necessary to schedule the “Final” Inspection.
  4. Arrange for furniture delivery or pick-up of family housing loaner furniture.
      Contact the Furnishings Management Section at DSN 489-6001 or Commercial 0631-536-6001.
  5. Complete your housing unit’s Final Inspection to obtain:
      Housing’s clearance documents that will be necessary for your upcoming out-processing.
  6. Upon completion of the Final Inspection document, provide the KMC Housing Office with:
      The paid hotel receipt
      Statement of “Non-Availability” (if you are staying off-base)
      PCS Orders to file your TLA claim for reimbursement

(Based on your Port Call date), TLA days may be authorized up to 10 days – for further details, you can ask your Housing Team Rep.

To schedule an appointment, or get help with a question/concern, please call the Housing Office at DSN 314-489-6672 or Commercial 0631-536-6672.

The KMC Family Housing Team is in the business of 100% “Customer Satisfaction! 

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Safe travels to you and your family from the KMC Housing Team!