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Tenant’s Standards of Conduct, living off-base

During COVID-19, be safe and sanitize!

As a reminder, all DOD personnel and their dependents, while occupying off-base housing, are responsible for abiding by all local laws and ordinances and the provisions of the lease and rental agreements, which are binding contracts.
The following reminders should be helpful in maintaining a good Tenant/Landlord relationship, thereby contributing to the continued enhancement of the image of DOD personnel and their dependents in our local German communities:

10 tips for a healthy landlord-tenant relationship

  1. Payment of rent and other fees by the due date
  2. Conservation of utilities
  3. Maintenance of the interior and exterior of dwellings in a state of cleanliness
  4. Control of children and pets
  5. Avoidance of damage to private property, but when damage does occur, make necessary repairs or pay assessments promptly
  6. Notifying the Landlord promptly of needed repairs
  7. Avoiding disturbance of your neighbors by late evening noises
  8. Understanding and abiding by of all the terms of the lease and rental agreement
  9. Giving required notification prior to terminating occupancy
  10. Leaving the facilities in a clean and undamaged condition

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