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SPONSORS: Housing Office In-Processing Update

If you’re a sponsor for a new arrival assigned to the Kaiserslautern Military Community, there is a requirement to have housing eligible(s) in-process with the KMC Housing Office. However, because of COVID-19, the Housing Office is currently operating with virtual appointments. We will still provide your family with a “one-on-one” housing counselor.

Active-duty service members are eligible to apply for on-base family housing. To be placed on the waitlist, you’ll annotate this on the housing application (DD 1746) and submit all of the required documentation. Upon receipt and verification, the service member’s eligibility date will be based on the date that the member signed out of the losing installation. A housing offer (after arrival) will be made based on housing availability.

As always, the KMC Housing Office works to ensure a smooth and non-stressful approach to the in-processing experience during personnel moves. So, here is a shortlist of the required steps/documents to receive assistance from the KMC Housing Office:

Housing In-processing Checklist:

  • Contact the Housing Assistance Section for:
  • Virtual Housing Briefing
  • Discuss Housing Policies
  • Understanding the Incoming TLA Process
  • On-base Waitlist Status
  • Off-base Housing Search

Housing applicants must have their Housing Briefing within 48 hours after the initial arrival. The Housing Office is located on Vogelweh, Building 1001. Housing questions/concerns, please call:

Assistance Section:

DSN: 314-489-6672 – Commercial: 49+ 0631-536-6672

Facilities Section:

DSN: 314-489-7108 – Commercial: 49+ 0631-536-7108

Furnishings Management:

DSN: 314-489-6001 – Commercial: 49+ 0631-536-6001

Housing Referral (off-base):

DSN: 314-489-6643/6659 – Commercial: 49+ 0631-536-6643/6659

Unaccompanied Housing (480-Dorm):

DSN: 314-480-3676 – Commercial: 49+ 06371-47-3676


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