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Permanent Change of Station (PCS) SPOTLIGHT

What is Temporary Lodging Allowance?

TLA is an allowance intended to provide partial payments to members for lodging/meal expenses incurred by the member and dependents while occupying temporary lodging as part of a PCS move. It’s designed to offset the extra costs that an eligible housing applicant incurs while residing in temporary lodging.

You are authorized 30 days TLA upon arrival in the Kaiserslautern Military Community (KMC) and 10 days preceding your departure from the KMC. For arrival TLA, you must actively be seeking permanent housing and must verify that fact with the KMC Military Housing Office every 10 days in order to continue drawing TLA.

TLA may be allowed, when you are aggressively seeking available permanent housing on or off-base and when you are awaiting loaner furnishings or household goods shipment, whichever can be delivered sooner.

TLA ends when a service member fails to accept adequate permanent Government quarters.

For any other housing questions/concerns, please email or call:

Assistance Section:

DSN: 314-489-6672


Facilities Section On-Base:

DSN: 314-489-7108


Furnishings Management Section:

DSN: 314-489-6001


Housing Referral Office Off-Base:

DSN: 314-489-6643/6659


Unaccompanied Housing DORMS:

DSN: 314-480-3676 (480-Dorm)


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