The Housing Hype

Attention Housing Residents
Lately our office has noticed an increase of abandoned vehicles and repairs being done in the KMC Housing Area. As a friendly reminder for safety reasons, repair of vehicles is not authorized in your garage, carport, driveway or parking space. The Auto Hobby Shop at Kapaun or Ramstein should be used for any type of repair work. In addition, unregistered vehicles may not be parked in driveways or on the streets. Any vehicles identified as being abandoned or parked in the Housing Area and deemed as a safety hazard, will be reported to Security Forces for proper removal. For any questions or concerns, or to report an abandoned vehicle, please contact the Housing Facilities Section at DSN 489-7108 or commercial 0631-536-7108.

Upcoming Office Closures
The KMC Housing Office and Furnishings Management Section will be closed on May 27 in observance of the holiday and on May 30, in observance of the German holiday.
Point of contact is Mrs. Michelle Fry, KMC Housing Manager, at DSN 489-6029.