The importance of Job Shadow Day

Jessica Vanderzwaag
Essay Winner

You ask what is the importance of job shadow day? Well, job shadow day lets you spend quality time with your family, lets the children learn, and for the families to learn about the vehicles and equipment that is used on patients or for people to drive. If we didn’t have job shadow day then lots of families wouldn’t be able to do any of those three things.

First, job shadow day lets you spend quality time with your family, or whomever is with you while they are job shadowing. Family members may not get to spend quality time with their children that much and job shadow day lets them do that. Job shadowing helps the family to bond and for the family members in that family who are in the Air Force, to show the rest of their family what they do while they are at work.

Next, job shadow day lets the children learn what their family members are doing on the flightline, in the hospital, on the planes or whatever they work as. Like the firefighters were telling the little kids what the firefighters would do in an emergency or if one of the firefighters were hurt. They also showed the little kids what they should do in case of a fire emergency. In the shop, kids were taught how to use medical equipment on patients and what they should carry on the plane. People got to go on the planes and see what would happened to patients that were carried on and off the plane.

Lastly, people got to see the fire trucks outside and got to climb in them and make noise like honk the horn and make the siren to turn off. It hurt my ears. Also on the fire trucks people got to see how high the ladder thingy was. People got to climb in the planes and sit in the pilot’s seat and feel like a pilot. They also got to look at all the buttons in the plane.

They got to sit in the patient bedding and mess with some of the nurse’s equipment. People got to go in the buildings and see how and whom their parents worked with when their parents left to go to work.

In conclusion, people got to bond and learn with their families and other families. When kids went I saw the biggest smiles on their faces and laughs from both the parents and kids.

People enjoyed learning and sitting in the vehicles. One kid didn’t want to get out of the fire truck; he was having so much fun. People got to learn more and while they were learning they were having fun. Job Shadow Day rocks.