The Night before Christmas

by Kami Black

***image1***Twas the night before Christmas and all over
the base,
Soldiers, Airmen, Marines and Sailors were    
working to keep us all safe.
They were all loading up and ready to go,
when down from the sky it started to snow.
The airplanes were fixed and ready to fly.
All the families were there and were waving good-bye.
Then all of a sudden, flying out of the night,
we saw an old man dressed in red, with a beard of snow-white!
He was driving a sleigh with eight reindeer in front,
and we knew in a moment it wasn’t a stunt!
It was, in fact, jolly old St. Nick
who called to his reindeer so loud and so quick:
“Go Dasher! Go Dancer and Prancer and Vixen!
Fast, Comet and Cupid and Donder and Blitzen!
To the top of the tower and down to the
flight line.
Hurry! Hurry! We have so little time!”
And we knew as we stood there, our eyes big
as dishes,
St. Nick had come to fulfill all our wishes!
No one would go to war. No one would go to fight.
No they wouldn’t! Not on this special night. No! Not tonight!
Everyone would stay at home with their family and friends.
They would get back to protecting us after the night ends.
And as he flew away we heard him call,
“This is my gift to you for protecting us all!”