The UCI is here … game on!

Col. Kurt Lohide
435th Air Base Wing commander

***image1***Finally, after months of hard work and preparation the UCI is here. Now is our opportunity to showcase to the command how we in the 435th Air Base Wing accomplish our mission supporting the war fighter day-in and day-out.
This is your time to demonstrate how you get the job done within the by-law, AFI, and policy requirements that make us the world’s most feared and respected Air Force in the world. Yes, I borrowed that statement from someone else, but it is the ground truth.

There is nothing in the Global War on Terror that is not touched or influenced by the men and women of the 435th everyday. You are a phenomenal group of professionals who make it possible to put bombs on target while bringing freedom and support to so many people who have never known it. In facing these great challenges, you have prepared for one of the most difficult inspections any unit can go through.

I know the inspectors will be impressed with what they see during their visit with us. I am so proud and humbled to be your commander.

You are living, breathing examples of “Excellence in Everything We Do! We’re Ready….Game On!”