Think UCI
0/0/2/5… What does it all mean?

Lt. Col. Jim Reavis
435th Air Base Wing Inspections and Readiness Office chief

***image1***That’s a good question. The answer is a little more involved though. With the 435th Air Base Wing Unit Compliance Inspection starting July 25, we need a goal to shoot for and 0/0/2/5 is it.

So what does 0/0/2/5 stand for? It’s every squadron’s goal and it stands for zero “Critical” findings, zero “Major” findings, two “Best Practices” and five “Strengths.”

“We have a wonderful team of professionals here in the 435th Air Base Wing,” said Col. Kurt Lohide, 435th ABW commander. “This is certainly a goal we can obtain when you look at what our professionals accomplish every day. We want the (inspector general) to come in and give us a good hard look, and I think they will be very impressed.”

The U.S. Air Forces in Europe IG will examine our adherence to common core compliance areas based on by-law requirements, executive orders, Department of Defense directives, Air Force, and USAFE instructions during the UCI.

“This is a cross the t’s and dot the i’s evaluation,” said Col. Bob Otto, 435th ABW vice commander. “These inspections are important because they provide an incentive for us to take a hard look at our processes and procedures. And while we intend to make a great impression on our inspectors, we also hope to pick up some pointers on how to make our processes even better.”

Any finding that prevents mission accomplishment is a “Critical” finding. A “Major” finding is anything that impairs mission accomplishment.

“What is crucial is how we react to any finding an IG inspector may find,” Col. Lohide added. “Our self-inspection program should identify any non-compliance items and document what is being done to correct it. However, if we missed something our quick reaction and positive attitude make all the difference in a successful UCI.”

But what is a “Best Practice?” The Air Force Manpower Agency defines it as a superior method or innovative practice that contributes to improved performance of the process. “Best” may be based on several factors to include but not limited to:
-expert review (for example, assessment, award, AF functional office, or auditing team).
-results are clearly superior to those of comparative organizations.
-results are “breakthrough” in efficiency/ effectiveness (high return on investment).
-multiple sources agree the practice is superior.
-use of the latest technology.
-high number of satisfied repeat customers.

Any section that clearly rises above required processes or procedures can be identified as a “Strength” by the IG.

“Just look at what gets done here in a 24-hour period and five strengths is just the tip of the iceberg for many of our units,” said Col. Otto.

“The warriors of the 435th Air Base Wing have a history of rising to meet any challenge, and this is our opportunity to showcase our talented people to the command,” said Col. Lohide.
Questions about the 435th ABW UCI should be directed to the 435th ABW/CVI at 480-5526.