Third Air Force commander privileged to serve

Major General Michael C. Gould
Third Air Force

***image1***Greetings to my fellow Airmen of Third Air Force and your family members. I want you to know how excited Paula and I are to join your team. I’ve watched in amazement your many accomplishments over the past several years and can honestly say you are changing the world in which we live.
The work you’re doing is hard, and the sacrifices are many. Deployments take a toll on home station activity and family life, while those remaining at home work even harder to keep the mission moving forward — this is the reality of our Expeditionary Air Force, and you are stepping up to the challenge. For that, I am deeply grateful.
These trying times in which we live, and work require us all to keep our lives and daily activities in proper perspective. Foremost in our minds, we should harbor the awareness that it is only because God has blessed us with talents, skills and reasoning power that we are able to service our great nation. We need to always be thankful for those blessings.
Second, we have to realize that taking care of our families takes a conscious effort. Working hard toward that end will pay huge dividends. Whenever able, we need to tell and show our families we love them — make the special effort to attend the ball game, recital or parent/teacher conference!
Likewise, taking care of ourselves takes a conscious effort. We all need to make physical exercise a scheduled activity in our daily routine. Carve out the time, and stick to the schedule!
Finally, we need to be passionate about our jobs and have some fun.The best way I know of to do that is to find satisfaction in our contributions. Every day we have opportunities to make a difference—be proud of what you contribute!
I’m anxious to get out to see you all and extremely proud to be your commander. Thank you for welcoming Paula and me into the Third Air Force family and thanks for your service!