Tips to outprocessing

Landlord Notification
Provide landlord a heads-up that you are leaving. The housing office will be calling your LL to relist your rental. Also, you are required to give a 30 day written notice. A sample letter can be picked up at the Ramstein or Vogelweh Housing Office, faxed to you, or downloaded from our web page. Notice should be delivered personally if possible, or sent by registered mail. Have landlord sign notice acknowledging receipt and make sure to keep a copy for your records.

You are only authorized up to the last 10 nights Temporary Lodging Allowance (three to five nights if you reside on base) immediately preceding departure from base. Do not terminate your rental early or you will have to pay for lodging at your own expense.

Final Inspection
Schedule an appointment with your landlord to walk through the unit the day you plan to return keys. Any concerns about damages should be discussed and resolved with your landlord prior to final inspection.

Contact your utility companies to arrange for a final meter reading, i.e., electric, gas and water. Also, arrange to have your telephone service disconnected. The addresses and telephone numbers for your utility companies can be found on your most recent bill. If your rental contract requires your oil tank to be full prior to final clearance, arrange to have it filled before your inspection and have the receipt available to show landlord.

Loaner Furnishings
Contact the Furnishings Management Office at 489-6153 as soon as possible for delivery of a loaner kit when your HHG are picked up and also schedule loaner furniture pick up for when you will be moving out of your rental.

Remove all personal property. Clean all appliances, including the washer and dryer, and defrost the freezer (as required). Wipe down all closets, shelves, cabinets, drawers and countertops. Remove all shelf/contact paper, stickers and glue. All visible dirt and debris must be removed from walls and doors, but do not paint. Clean interior/exterior of windows (weather permitting) and don’t forget the frames and window wells. Replace all missing/burned out light bulbs. Turn off water to the washing machine. Do not disconnect dryer hose. Yards, garage/carports, driveways and sidewalks must be clean. Remove all oil spots, debris and damage. Repair any damages that may have been done to the yard. Dispose of all trash from house and yard. Make sure you have all door keys to return to the landlord.

Final Inspection
After final inspection, have your landlord sign a USAFE Form 333a, Condition Inventory Checklist, verifying you have cleared your quarters. You can use the checklist you received during in processing or obtain a new one from the housing office either by fax or by stopping in. You can also download a copy from our web page. You cannot be cleared from housing through virtual out-processing until a signed checklist stating there are no debts or claims against you is received.

Security Deposits
Deposits are not automatically returned at your final inspection. The landlord can legally withhold your deposit, (or a portion thereof) until any debts (damages, utility fees or unpaid rent) are settled. The landlord must return your deposit with interest earned.

(Courtesy of KMC Housing Office)