TKS launches VAT Relief Program Aug. 1

On Aug. 1, TKS will officially launch a VAT relief program for TKS telephone and Internet services. All U.S. Department of Defense personnel, or ID cardholders who normally qualify for German VAT exemption, will now also be able to save 19 percent on their monthly TKS bills. 

To apply for VAT relief, TKS customers simply need to bring a VAT form to their local TKS Shop. The VAT exemption will then be applied to the next billing cycle.
Customers can obtain information about the TKS VAT relief program at their local VAT office, TKS Shop, and online at the TKS website:

The program is structured so that a VAT exemption is processed on a month-to-month basis, with one VAT form being applied to one billing cycle. Submitting a single VAT form, for example, does not provide umbrella coverage. Therefore it is recommended to submit more than one VAT form at time to ensure VAT relief over several billing periods. (Example: three VAT forms equals VAT relief on three monthly statements.) To process the tax exemption, VAT forms must be received before the first of the month.

VAT exemption on telecommunication services is available exclusively to TKS customers. Currently, no other German carrier has the required authorization from both the German and U.S. tax authorities to offer VAT relief to their customers. The TKS VAT relief program is made possible through a close partnership between TKS and the Installation Management Command – Europe, which is responsible for the operation and administration of local VAT offices in Germany.

(Courtesy of TKS)