TKS schedules cable TV interruption

Six TKS cable television channels will temporarily go off-line Germany-wide on Oct. 2. The duration of the outage is not expected to last more then three days in some areas. Service will be restored in many areas in only a few hours or even minutes.

The six channels affected include AXN, BBC Prime, Extreme Sports, NASN, National Geographic and Toon Disney. TKS technicians will do everything possible to restore the six channels to full service in all areas as soon as possible.

AFN channels and all other TKS cable television channels won’t be affected.
The service interruption is the result of a mandatory transponder upgrade that must be implemented at this time. Periodically it is necessary for cable TV providers to update the satellite encoding protocols that are used to receive certain channels.

TKS is urging subscribers to check with their neighbors to see if they are experiencing the same reception problems before calling in a report. This would indicate that the scheduled work is still in progress and is not an isolated problem that needs to be reported.

Any other type of persistent AFN or TKS reception problem should be immediately reported to the TKS Hotline at 01804 857 762 (€0.24/call) or to a local TKS Shop. (Courtesy of Kabel Deutschland)