Toga! Greek, Roman days teach ancient history

Bonnie Rohrberg
Kaiserslautern American Middle School

***image1***Sixth-grade students at Kaiserslautern American Middle School brought their history lessons to life as they celebrated Greek and Roman days. For two days in March, students, teachers and counselors wore Greek or Roman attire dressed as a god or goddess from mythology.

Students brought Greek and Roman life to the present day as they cooked Greek foods such as “Lukumathes,” bread sweetened with the nectar of the gods, in their family consumer science classes.

The students then presented their favorite god to their peers in reading class; Zeus, Aphrodite and Methuselah were great favorites. In science class they studied ancient astronomy, while in social studies they learned about the lands of the gods.

“It was interesting to hear all the different stories about the Greek gods and goddesses,” said Shawn Kemp.

Roman numerals and Greek mathematicians were the topics of the day in math class. The days were complete when the students played ancient games in their physical education classes.

“It was pretty cool making the costumes and explaining about the different Greek gods and goddesses,” said Josh Altom.

Some students said they wished they could do lessons this way all year.
“It was such fun to see the kids in full costumes,” said Linda Ware-Brown, KAMS language arts teacher.

“We loved living on Mt. Olympus, if only for two days,” said teacher Glenda Nall, organizer of the Greek and Roman days.

Chris Jung said her sixth-grade daughter, Natalie, was very excited to be able to dress up, and she learned a lot about the Greeks.

The teachers involved said that cross-curricular learning is an ideal way for students to understand, and experience first hand, how subjects are related, and how each fits into the big scheme of things. They felt the experience was so positive, that Greek and Roman days will become a fixture at KAMS.