Tops In Blue to entertain audiences in October

Join Tops In Blue as they present “To Dream,” an action-packed adventure of music and dance that invites audiences to follow their dreams, whatever they may be.
Tops In Blue, the premiere entertainment showcase of the U. S. Air Force, will perform at 7 p.m. Oct. 15 in Hangar 1. Doors open 6:30 p.m.

This year, Tops In Blue continues its long-standing tradition of “family entertaining family” by showing us what has made Tops In Blue a must-see event every year for more than half a century.

You’ll hear hot Latin sounds, all-American country music and hits from the top of the charts. You’ll experience the great music from your favorite movies and Broadway shows. Combine all that with the dazzling lights, costumes and precision choreography for which Tops In Blue is known worldwide, and you can look forward to a show that’s sure to please everyone.

Tops In Blue ’09 keeps 56 years of touring tradition by visiting all bases throughout the United States and more than 25 foreign countries. 

Their aggressive tour schedule spans more than 120 locations and also includes entertaining forward-deployed troops in various locations in Iraq, Qatar, Afghanistan and Kuwait.

The Tops In Blue ’09 tour is proud to be sponsored by Coca-Cola and AT&T. This is Coca-Cola’s sixth year of financial support, while AT&T has sponsored the Tops In Blue program for 18 consecutive years.

  This year’s Tops In Blue team is indeed a reflection of the best of the best.
Representing a wide variety of career specialties, they are an elite group of the most talented non-professional entertainers from throughout the Air Force. 

These enthusiastic active-duty Airmen display the pride, patriotism and dedication felt by all Air Force personnel around the world. 

The show is guaranteed to energize hearts and souls and remind each of us that we stand proudly for America, its people and its music. Don’t miss this powerful and unforgettable show.

For more information, contact your base Services squadron or visit No federal endorsement of sponsors is intended.

(Courtesy of 86th Services Squadron)