Traffic lights causing traffic?

***image1***With all the road construction from the west gate to the base exchange, a traffic circle was never put in. The light located there is a nuisance to the amount of traffic. Due to the circle construction for the passenger terminal, and the light by AirNorth not allowing cross traffic to turn left. The new lane placement for construction by Burger King is not flowing due to cars sitting at the light that are turning left and waiting for a green arrow before those going straight can move. It’s utter chaos. Can the light cycle be changed to accommodate the bumper-to-bumper traffic backed up during peak hours? I fully understand the main road has the main volume of traffic, but the side road is a primary route and the light should be adjusted to accommodate the traffic during construction.

Also, the two lights after the Burger King light (heading toward the west gate) are not cycled together. Inbound traffic gets to move 15 seconds before outbound – even though there is no left turn arrow, and the other light is the other way around – outbound traffic moves 15 seconds before inbound. Also, the lights turn red for cross traffic even though there is none.

The Bundeswehr are doing a wonderful job of getting rush hour traffic, but during the morning that I have seen the traffic back up to the marquee due to a light that went red for no car (or one car). The traffic light is there to regulate traffic flow, not stop it. I hope they can be adjusted. I hate the bumper-to-bumper, stop-and-go traffic. It’s not a matter of patience; it’s a matter of paying attention. Easy to get complacent or absent minded … surprised we don’t have more accidents.

Thanks for your observations. Our civil engineers spend a great deal of time and effort adjusting traffic signals to account for changes in traffic patterns due to construction activities. Two weeks ago, CE adjusted the traffic signal at Maxwell and Kisling (Burger King) to allow left turn and through traffic to proceed at the same time. They also adjusted traffic signals on Kisling and Mitchell to accommodate the different traffic patterns generated by new construction. We will continue to assess traffic patterns and make adjustments in traffic signals to minimize inconvenience to all those who work and live on our installation.