Trash pick-up changes

Since Tuesday is a German holiday, All Saints Day, the pickup of trash in the KMC will change as follows:

From Tuesday to Monday in Bruchmühlbach, Lambsborn, Buchholz, Vogelbach and Elschbach for non-recyclable waste and yellow bags;

From Tuesday to Monday in Weilerbach and Rodenbach for bio-degradable trash;

From Tuesday to Wednesday in Martinshöhe, Gerhardsbrunn, Langwieden and Miesau for non-recyclable waste and yellow bags; in Weilerbach for paper; in Schwedelbach and Mackenbach for bio-degradable waste; and in Erzenhausen and Pörrbach for bio-degradable waste and paper;

From Wednesday to Thursday in Frankenstein and Waldleiningen for paper; in Trippstadt, Langensohl and Stelezenberg for paper;

From Thursday to Nov. 4 in Olsbrücken, Frankelbach, Hirschhorn, Sulzbachtal, Katzweiler and Eulenbis for paper;

From Nov. 4 to Nov. 5 in Otterberg and Drehenthalerhof for paper.
The pickup will be conducted on regular days for communities not mentioned above.

(Information by Kaiserslautern County Administration Office)