Trash pickup dates change due to holidays

***image1***In some villages of the KMC, the trash pickup changes due to Good Friday and the Easter holidays.
In Weilerbach, the pickup date moves from Tuesday to Monday.
In Hochspeyer, Fischbach and Frankenstein, it moves from Wednesday to Tuesday.
In the following villages trash pickup moves from Thursday to Wednesday: Heimkirchen, Niederkirchen, Morbach, Wörsbach, Olsbrücken, Frankelbach, Mehlbach, Katzweiler, Eulenbis, Sulzbachtal, Hirschhorn, Schnecken-hausen, Heiligenmoschel and Schallodenbach.
The pickup takes place Thursday instead of April 9 in Enkenbach, Alsenborn, Mehlingen, Sembach, Baalborn, Neuhemsbach.
The pickup also moves to Thursday in Otterberg, Drehenthalerhof, Sambach, Otterbach and Kindsbach, but in these villages, the pickup of yellow bags is cancelled for that week.
Pickup dates change from Monday to Tuesday in Landstuhl-Atzel, Landstuhl-Melkerei, Bann, Oberarnbach, Ramstein, Miesenbach, Obermohr, Kirchmohr, Schrollbach, Steinwenden and Weltersbach.
In Mackenbach, Schwedelbach, Erzenhausen, Pörrbach, Rodenbach, Weilerbach, Elschbach, Miesau, Buchholz and Vogelbach, the pickup takes place April 14 instead of April 13.
The pickup changes from Wednesday to Thursday in Krickenbach, Linden, Queiders-bach, Schopp and Landstuhl city.
NOTE: If the pickup of the yellow bags falls on a holiday this year, the pickup doesn’t take place at all. (Courtesy of Kaiserslautern Environmental office)