Travelers should know foreign holidays

Travelers who plan trips in European countries should consider the official holidays in countries they want to go to.

The following is a schedule of holidays in winter and spring in other European countries so travelers can avoid going places thinking stores and banks are open there.

Austria: May 26
Croatia: May 26, June 22 and 25
Denmark: March 24, April 22
Finland: June 24 and 25
Greece: March 14 and 25, April 29, May 2, June 20
Great-Britain: March 17 (North Ireland), May 2 (Scotland), May 30
Hungary: March 15
Ireland: March 17, May 2, June 6
Italy: April 25, May 16 (only in South Tyrol), June 2
Norway: March 24, May 17
Poland: May 3 and 26
Portugal: Feb. 8, April 25, May 26, June 10
Romania: May 2
Sweden: June 6, 24 and 25
Switzerland: March 19, May 26 (not in all cantons)
Serbia/Montenegro: April 27 and 29, May 2
Slovenia: Feb. 8 and June 25
Spain: March 24 (not in Catalonia, Cantabria and Canary Islands)
The Netherlands: April 30, May 5
Turkey: April 23, May 19

In France, Slovakia and Czech Republic, the May 8 holiday is a Sunday this year.
Some holidays, which are observed in Germany, such as Good Friday are no holidays in Belgium, France, Italy, Croatia, Austria, Poland, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Turkey and Hungary.

Travelers should know that in Greece, Easter and Pentecost will be celebrated five weeks later than in most other countries. In Germany, Easter is March 30 and 31, and Pentecost is May 19 and 20. (Information by German automobile club ADAC).