U.CSS wins twice to become softball champions

Airman 1st Class
Edward Drescher
Kaiserslautern American

***image1***The intramural softball playoffs came to a close with U.CSS defeating 435 MUNS in consecutive games Aug. 11 at the Ramstein Northside Field.
U.CSS came into Thursday’s games as a big underdog because 435 MUNS was untouchable through the tournament and U.CSS would have to beat them in back-to-back games.

“Nobody expected us to be there, but we knew we should be and we knew we had to play good ball to beat them,” said Jay Akerson, U.CSS acting team manager.

U.CSS was the first team to enter the losers’ bracket after a fourth round loss to 32 AOS, but they managed to fight their way out and actually beat 32 AOS for the final spot in the championship game.

435 MUNS had a bit of an easier road to the title game; winning each of their games by an average of 8.2 runs.

The first game of the championship caught 435 MUNS of guard as U.CSS came out swinging and poured on the runs.

U.CSS ended up swinging their way to a blowout and a playoff-high 30 runs.
“We knew they were a good team and we had to get our bats hot real quick to beat them. Fortunately we did,” said Akerson, who was unable to play due to an injured knee.

The final game was the best game of the playoffs. U.CSS jumped to a big lead, but 435 MUNS came back to tie it at 22-22 in the final and seventh inning.

In the bottom of the eighth U.CSS coach/player Ed Prince hit a walk-off two-run homer to seal the game.

“When I first hit it, I was just hoping I got enough of it. When it went out I thought, ‘ballgame!’” said Prince.