UCI: It’s our time to shine

by Brig. Gen. Bill Bender and Col Don Bacon
86th Airlift Wing commander and

After months of preparation, the Unit Compliance Inspection is finally here. Thank you all for your hard work, dedication and drive toward this measurement of the performance and tremendous capabilities of our two wings. Your continued focus is an important part of what we do and who we are.

As an airlift wing that provides one-of-a-kind capabilities in a superior manner throughout the theater and as the largest air base wing in the Air Force, we are truly fortunate to have such amazing missions. 

Working together, we provide theater, DV and aeromedical airlift; theater-wide communications; and contingency response, all the while supporting three wings, more than 14 geographically separated units, two numbered Air Forces, U.S. Air Forces in Europe, NATO and more than 54,000 KMC members. Without a doubt, being the Department of Defense’s “Gateway to Europe”is no small feat.

While the purpose of the UCI is to show that we are compliant with Air Force instructions and Air Force standards, the UCI also gives us a great opportunity to show the inspection team just how

outstanding our wings really are. Early on, we made the decision to join together to hold a combined UCI. We have a unique dual-wing setup here at Ramstein
that puts a premium on working together to ensure overall team success.  
As your wing commanders, we are excited to show off the fabulous relationship our two wings share and to demonstrate that we truly are “one team, one fight.”
Each and every one of you has played a key role in our preparation, but remember, it doesn’t stop here. Now you have to show the inspectors what we see every day – two wings that represent the best of our Air Force – motivated, dedicated, respected Airmen who know their jobs.

Just as you do every day, remember to take pride in how you conduct your daily tasks, your appearance, your customs and courtesies. Remember that
showing respect goes beyond saying “Sir” and “Ma’am,” but also in your actions and demeanor.

Remember what it means to proudly wear your Air Force uniform. Take advantage of this inspection as an opportunity to prove that you not only know what the regulations are, but that you’re in compliance with them.

When an inspection team arrives at your work area, show them the same positive, proactive, engaging attitude we see from you day in and day out. Though the UCI represents just two weeks on the calendar, we must stay focused year-round.
Our goal is to always be in compliance, not just when there’s an inspection.
We should constantly be evaluating and improving programs.

So instead of seeing this inspection as a huge mountain we have toiled to climb, we should view it as a unique opportunity for us to improve as individuals and as a team.

Remember that taking a close look at our programs and processes allows us to better accomplish the Team Ramstein mission – one we are extremely honored to be a part of.

Thank you for your continued professionalism.

Now, let’s show the inspectors what being a member of Team Ramstein is
all about!