Unearthing awareness during Earth Day activities Thursday

Capt. Ann Doerhoff
435 Civil Engineer Squadron

***image1***The KMC will join thousands of communities, organizations and countries to promote environmental awareness by celebrating the 34th anniversary of Earth Day.
The main goals of Earth Day are to promote environmental understanding and enhance ecological stewardship. The event, established in 1970, has grown larger and more important each year since its inception.
Senator Gaylord Nelson, the founder of Earth Day, struggled to conceptualize ideas to bring environmental awareness into the nation’s political conscience.
In September 1969, he invited all citizens to participate in a nationwide grassroots demonstration on behalf of the environment that was held in the spring of 1970. The response to his appeal was overwhelming with more than 20 million people participating in demonstrations, this was recognized as the first Earth Day.
The strength of the grassroots movement spawned a nation-wide environmental movement, which later resulted in the nation’s first direct national environmental legislation and the creation of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
People don’t have to wait until Earth Day to take care of the planet, doing small things every day can help:

Recycling — If an object can be shredded, melted or otherwise processed and turned into new raw material.
Reusing — If people can find a use for an existing item, like decorating a bag and using it as a gift bag instead of buying wrapping paper; putting leftovers into a clean container from some other food; turning a used box into storage; decorating a can to hold pencils; saving packing peanuts and boxes and using them again to ship something or to give a gift.
Saving resources — People should ask themselves if the item is something they really need? Is it well suited for the task? Will it last? Not only can this save money, it can save space and work, too.
People can also plant trees and clean up or beautify their environment.
Just a little effort everyday, can make a huge impact on the environment and make the planet a nicer place to live for everyone.