US citizens released from Iranian prison arrive at Ramstein

Courtesy of Landstuhl Regional Medical Center Public Affairs

Three U.S. citizens recently released from detention in Iran arrived at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center via Ramstein late evening Jan. 17 and have begun their reintegration process.

Trained and highly-capable military health professionals at LRMC are evaluating their condition, providing any necessary medical care and assisting in their recovery process. There is no pre-determined amount of time involved in the reintegration process.

The LRMC team is sensitive to what the patients have been through and will proceed with their reintegration at a pace in which they are comfortable. The ultimate goal is to help the returnees join their families and society as they continue their path of recovery from their ordeal.

“My staff and I share in the excitement to welcome these Americans to Landstuhl Regional Medical Center, where we are honored to care for them,” said Col. James Laterza, LRMC commander. “Our team is focused on determining their medical needs in a safe environment to assist them on their road to recovery.”

Each returnee initially received a full medical assessment, to ensure that any acute needs were immediately addressed, Laterza explained. From there, a deliberate reintegration process began, specifically designed to suit each individuals’ personal needs.

The process includes formal structured briefings and will allow each returnee to speak with the medical team about any other issues. A critical part of this process is the decompression period that maximizes the health and welfare of each returnee.

Family members assist in the reintegration process as the assessment continues and medical professionals monitor the patients’ treatment and progress.

“As these returnees undergo treatment, we will preserve their privacy consistent with Federal privacy laws and regulations,” Laterza said. “Once our portion is completed, we will coordinate a smooth transition for each returnee to their continuing treatment location.

“We are committed to ensuring each of these citizens is firmly grounded on their path to health.”

LRMC is the most forward-placed Army medical center and the largest American hospital outside the United States. LRMC has treated more than 90,000 wounded and ill service members and civilians from Afghanistan and Iraq. Combat operations, combined with rapid aeromedical evacuation capabilities, created a complex military trauma system in which LRMC serves as the sole link between “downrange” care and subsequent long-term care in the United States and other Coalition nations. As a result, LRMC is often referred to as a prism, or center of an hourglass, receiving a wide variety of patients that LRMC treats and then medically evacuates to appropriate destinations throughout the world.