USAFE hosts spouses at CAF/MAF conference

by Maj. Beverly Mock
U.S. Air Forces in Europe Public Affairs

U.S. Air Forces in Europe hosted Air Force commanders and their spouses May 22 to 24 on Ramstein during the Spring 2011 Combat Air Forces/Mobility Air Forces Commanders’ Conference.

The conference provided a venue for the senior leaders to discuss current and future issues central to the Air Force.

At the same time, the spouses received briefings and toured facilities to gain a better understanding of the Air Force’s mobility and combat missions.

“It’s an opportunity for us to get together to exchange ideas and talk about common issues important to our Airmen across the CAF and the MAF,” said Gen. William M. Fraser III, commander of Air Combat Command.  “It also allows us to prepare for Corona, where all the Air Force senior leadership meets with the secretary of the Air Force and the Air Force chief of staff.”

While it’s too early to discuss specific details of the discussions, General Fraser said he and the other commanders engaged in valuable discussion and reached some decision points that will benefit the Air Force.

During the conference, CAF and MAF subject matter experts presented specific issues for discussion via video teleconference and in-person briefings. One of the presentations was actually a demonstration of a new command and control concept in the tent city set up on base here. 

“This concept demonstrated to the CAF/MAF conference attendees is the conglomeration of two years of effort set up to show the entire spectrum of scalable, deployable command and control that’s available to a deployable Joint Forces Command commander,” said Col. John Shapland, 435th Air Ground Operations Wing commander. 

The demonstration provided an opportunity for the commanders to see the concept firsthand.

Air Force Reserve and Air National Guard commanders also attended the conference, which provided an opportunity to address total force issues.