USAFE leaders send holiday message

The following is a joint message from Gen. Tom Hobbins, U.S. Air Forces in Europe commander, and Chief Master Sgt. Gary G. Coleman, USAFE command chief master sergeant.

Chief Coleman and I have probably seen more Christmas holidays come and go while we’ve been in the Air Force than many of our young Airmen have been around. We’re happy to report it hasn’t diminished the joy we feel of sharing another holiday season with all of you. But this time grows more special as we continue the war on terrorism.

This is an appropriate time to reflect on our past year’s accomplishments as well as look ahead with renewed optimism. We both share a deep pride and admiration of your tremendous accomplishments: supporting the transport of Americans during the Lebanon crisis, building relationships in Eastern Europe and Africa, continuing our vital role in Afghanistan and Iraq, and protecting the Riga Summit. Because of you, many can look forward to the prospect of a safer and brighter future.

As we look ahead, we know we’ll face another challenging year. We know you have what it takes to accomplish whatever unknown challenges and missions may lie ahead. You routinely make the extremely difficult seem easy, and that’s what makes our USAFE team so great, and Chief Coleman and I are proud to serve with you.

Please remember our servicemembers who are deployed this holiday season. They, and their families, deserve our thoughts and prayers. For those here on the home front, please stay safe, cherish your loved ones and embrace those who are here alone.

Our time together in USAFE is special. Holidays seem to highlight that togetherness. We are glad for the opportunity to be a part of it with you.
Have a great holiday. You deserve it.