USAFE’s first Phase II Expeditionary ORI underway

1st Lt. Chrystal Smith
Kaiserslautern American

***image1***The words “…Attention in the compound, exercise, exercise, exercise…” spouted out over the giant voice, the sloshing and scrapping of rubber over-boots against concrete and rocks, the muffled voices of Airmen over the radio, and the tearing of Velcro were frequent sounds heard all week by nearly 700 86th Airlift Wing and 435th Air Base Wing Airmen.

As U.S. Air Forces in Europe’s first base to undergo a Phase II Expeditionary Operational Readiness Inspection in nine years, Team Ramstein participated in Black Dragon 06-01 Tuesday through today to show warfighting skills and prove abilities to survive and operate in extraordinary conditions.

USAFE Inspector General tested Ramstein Airmen over the course of four days on skills they had been honing since October. The overarching scenario was a humanitarian mission that took place in the region of Africa, and that dynamic drove the variety of challenges the IG team members injected throughout the inspection.

The inspection was the culmination of over six months of combined efforts and gallons of (freezing) sweat poured out by members around the wing in preparation for success.

“No matter the outcome, Team Ramstein is outstanding,” said Col. Glen Apgar, 86th AW vice commander. “We pulled together as a team and our efforts for six months were proved this week. I was impressed with the focus of our troops. They all knew what was at stake and we went out and hit it hard.”

Final results of the inspection will be revealed during the out-brief Tuesday in the Hercules Theater.