Vogelweh gate upgrades improving security

Capt. Clay Nichols
569th U.S. Forces Police Squadron


Vogelweh installation and Vogelweh Military Family Housing gate
enhancements are moving forward at a rapid pace. The 431st Air Base
Group has already installed some new features and more security
improvements are on the way. The final goal is to provide the most
secure installation possible with minimum delays in vehicle processing
time for our customers.

At the Vogelweh Main Gate, our “check and hold” procedure is still in
effect, but numerous physical changes are already in place as
well.  Security forces now have the ability to completely close
the installation to inbound and outbound traffic in just seconds,
better protecting our communities from both inattentive drivers and
potential wrongdoers. In the near future, when 431st  civil
engineers install “toll-booth quick” drop-arms at the main gate, new
procedures will quicken the flow of traffic yet still provide the
current level of security, and even enhance our emergency response
capability to any unauthorized entry attempt.  

Our Vogelweh Military Family Housing gates have also seen significant
improvements, such as emergency tire deflators in the outbound lanes to
prevent unauthorized entry, and these will be followed by permanent
installation of reverse tire shredders at all our gates’ outbound

Additionally, our Fourth Avenue Gate has multiple new entry signs
posted to alleviate any traffic confusion as to where and how to enter
through that gate. The Armstrong Gate, our newest facility, has
all-new procedures that provide a safe environment for our gate
guards and motorists alike.

The 38th Combat Support Wing would like to thank everyone for their
patience and understanding as we continue to enhance all our gate
security measures to provide the safest installations possible for all
of us to live, work and play.