Weather Airmen repair system at Tuzla, form relationship with local people

They are ambassadors wherever they go. 
While on TDY at Tuzla Air Base, Bosnia, to repair a weather system and
train base observers, Staff Sgt. Terry Beeman and Senior Airman Erin
Campbell,  1st Communications Maintenance Squadron’s Weather
Systems Support Cadre, were also able to visit three local elementary

With Task Force Orion Soldiers and Air Field Commander Lt. Col. Denny
Peeples they helped spread goodwill and formed a lasting relationship
with the local community. 

***image1***Task Force Orion Soldiers deployed to Tuzla have
adopted a few local elementary schools and deliver firewood to them on
a regular basis. 

While on one of the wood deliveries, Sergeant Beeman and Airman
Campbell were surprised to learn these schools rely on wood burning
ovens as their sole source of heat. 

Unfortunately, some of their heaters were in such bad condition that
they were producing very little if any heat.  With donations from
Americans assigned to Tuzla, two new heaters were purchased and
installed during the team’s visit. 

“It’s nice to know that these kids will now be more comfortable in
school and be able to focus on their school work” said Airman Campbell.

Once the hard work was done, it was time to have some fun.  They
played volleyball and soccer with the students and had a great
time.  The WSSC team was amazed at how talented and friendly all
the kids were. 

Sergeant Beeman was even caught off guard when one boy started speaking perfect English to him during the soccer game. 

“I felt bad … I only knew two words in Bosnian … that kid spoke better English than some of the guys in my shop,” he said.

For some of the Bosnian students and faculty this was the first
face-to-face encounter they had with American military personnel. 
The result was nothing but positive. 

***image2***During introductions, Colonel Peeples used Airman
Campbell as a positive role model for the young Bosnian girls in the
class.  He stated that they could do anything they want if they
study, work hard and listen to their parents.  Many of the
students had never seen a female in uniform and their reaction during
the introduction was evidence of that.

“Meeting and talking with Airman Campbell definitely gave the girls
some motivation and boosted their spirits,” said Sergeant Beeman.

Both WSSC members remarked about how rewarding the overall trip
was.  Not only were they able to accomplish the mission, but they
also learned a lot about Bosnia and its recent history while helping
out in the community.  (Courtesy of 1st Communications Maintenance
Squadron’s Weather Systems Support Cadre)