Weather, road info on 480-COLD, 479-TALK

Senior Airman Melissa Maraj
Kaiserslautern American

With the winter season on the way, keeping informed about changes in road conditions in the KMC is vital.

480-COLD (2653) – 06371-47-2653 – and 479-TALK (8255) – ensure 24-hour up-to-date information is available when weather changes.

Dialing either number will lead the caller to a voice-messaging service
with two options. The first option is to hear a message for road
The second is for the KMC Straight Talk Line.

By pressing one when prompted, callers will hear current road conditions and weather-related information in the KMC.

By pressing two, callers will hear important information regarding other important topics.

Messages will normally consist of highly visible topics that affect the entire KMC.

“The line is able to service 40 continuance callers making it extremely
accessible,” said Col. Rob Kane, KMC Commander. “This state of the art
equipment has remote access so it can be regularly updated with the
most current road conditions and community information.”

In addition to dialing 480-COLD and 479-TALK, KMC members also can
listen to AFN live programming on Z-100.2 from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday
through Friday. Disk jockeys update changes regularly.

Information is also posted on KMC-TV and in some situations, on the Ramstein homepage as soon as possible.

This closed-circuit TV is available for those living and working on base.
Public affairs will update changes to road conditions, early release
from schools and work or other important weather-related information.

So, before leaving for work in the morning, or if there are questions
on road conditions or other events, KMC members should check one of
these three methods for information.