Weilerbach sponsors active event day

The union community of Weilerbach sponsors an “active event day” Sunday. It replaces the bicycle and hiking days which were held instead the last 15 years. A diversified program includes festivities, sports, culture and shopping opportunities.

***image1***An adventure tour under the motto “History, Stories and Treats” starts at 10:30 a.m. in Erzenhausen near Kääser gasthaus. The local stalactite cave is open all day.

The special exhibition “Owl and Human Beings” lures visitors to Eulenbis.
In Schwedelbach, a “Kneipp” fest takes place at the water kicking facility on the village square. Here a climbing wall is set up as well. Nordic walking tours start at 2 and 4 p.m. for interested participants. At the sports field, a skating rink with limbo and games is offered 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

A farmers market on the train station area in Weilerbach features about 70 farmers and vendors. Stores open at 11 a.m. A flea market is set up throughout the village.

Sports activities include judo and Ta-Chi demonstrations near the train station and a health program called “Fit and healthy” where everybody can participate in the Bürgerhaus (community hall).

In the Rodenbach swimming pool a testing diving class is offered.
For those who come by bike, a service station provides help on the area of the old sewage plant in Rodenbach.

A shooting club offers the shooting with light guns in the Kollweiler Bürgerhaus. A village fest also takes place here.

***image2***More judo presentations and an activity round course can be found in Reichenbach-Steegen. The singing association of Fockenberg-Limbach serves grilled specialties and homemade cakes.

The golf club in Mackenbach offers golfing for everybody.

Museums in the community also open their doors.

The Reinhardt-Blauth-Museum in Weilerbach displays “Impressions from Nature,” the musicians museum in Mackenbach presents the life of former musicians of the area, and the Beerwein Museum in Eulenbis highlights the production of berry wines.

All villages can be reached easily by bike using the bicycle path leading around the community.

(Information provided by Weilerbach Union Community Administration)