Welcome back to school

The Kaiserslautern School District welcomes you to the 2009-2010 school year. As a new or returning member of Team DODEA, your contributions to the school and its programs are an important and meaningful part of our partnership in education.

Each school year brings change, and this one is no exception. As the Department of Defense Education Activity and Department of Defense Dependents Schools-Europe continue to implement new initiatives and refine others, your involvement in all school and district educational programs is essential and greatly appreciated.

In addition to our continuing efforts to study data to inform instructional practices, teachers will be involved with the pre-implementation and implementation of new curriculum materials in certain subjects, an ongoing renewal cycle for the system to ensure we are using the most updated, research-based materials and best practices.

All teachers will also be involved in the DODEA initiative of differentiating instruction to ensure that we reach all learners and meet the needs of all students in our schools.

Our focus of ensuring highest student achievement for each student in our schools through continuously refining our professional practices is the focal point of our professional development and efforts.

I invite you to join the teachers and administrators, support staff and Kaiserslautern District Office personnel in forging a collaboration of common goals, values and priorities. In order to have this meaningful partnership, it is incumbent upon each of us to maintain effective lines of communication.

Please come to our schools and become actively involved in the educational plan for your son or daughter. We welcome volunteers and hope that you will get involved in the PTA/PTO, the School Advisory Committee and school board meetings.

The Kaiserslautern District is committed to providing every possible opportunity for each student to become a productive member of society and prepared for the 21st century.

We need your help in making this goal a reality. Therefore, we look forward to working in partnership with you to ensure an outstanding educational program for your child.

Research clearly indicates that when parents take an active role in the education of their children, student achievement increases significantly. In order to ensure the development and continuation of quality programs and optimal educational opportunities for students, I encourage all members of the community to become involved in our schools.

We hope that you enjoy your stay in Europe. It is our commitment to ensure that your child(ren)’s quality education is a top priority and that we do everything in our power to ensure that the Kaiserslautern District represents American education at its best and that every action we commit is for the purpose of supporting our


Lawanna Mangleburg

Lawanna H. Mangleburg

DODDS-E superintendent