Westpfalz Biker Day

by Petra Lessoing
Ramstein Public Affairs

The second Westpfalz Biker Day takes place from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Aug. 30 all around the Stadthalle in Landstuhl.

The event will feature motorcycle displays, Red Cross demonstrations, safety information from German Polizei, a motocross show, music, the possibility to take part in a motorcyle ride, a raffle and food and refreshments.

“Our biker day is a fundraiser to support regional charities,” said Friedrich Müller, from the organization team. “Last year we were able to donate €1,850. We gave €800 each to the Kaiserslautern Children’s Accident Committee and the Old – Poor – Alone Initiative and €250 to a student to be able to take part in a school trip to Berlin.”

Organizers said they want to help minimize the amount of motorbike accidents, therefore, they have a close cooperation with the Kaiserslautern Police Headquarters, the Children’s Accident Committee, the German Red Cross and the technical inspection agency.

“The focus of our annual charity event is the safety of motorcycle driving,” Mr. Müller said. The German Red Cross will demonstrate how motorcyclists can provide first aid to motorbike casualties. A Red Cross employee and a police officer will be available to give detailed information. Polizei officers will also let visitors test their driving abilities in a driving simulator.

“We invited two young females and one male to present their skills in trial driving, where it is not allowed to put the feet down while driving hill and dale,” Mr. Müller said.

In the police merry-go-round, children can take rides in old police motorcycles.
Motorbikers can take part in a 60-kilometer trip through the county beginning at 11 a.m. The have to pay a €5 fee and can participate in a raffle.

All day long the Kaiserslautern radio station Antenne 96.9 will provide entertainment and information in German and English. A grill station will serve food specialties and two beverage stands will offer refreshing drinks. 

“We hope a lot of Americans will join us on biker day to learn about motorcycles and safety and even ride with us,” Mr. Müller said.

This year’s net profits will go to charities again.