What it takes to make Club 100!

by Maj. Lisa Tauai
435th Health and Wellness Center

Every month, the 435th Air Base Wing recognizes those members who earn a perfect 100 on their annual physical fitness assessment with a certificate or letter of recognition and their picture displayed in the KA. Because May is the Air Force’s Fitness Month, the Ramstein Health and Wellness Center posed a few questions to two members who scored a perfect 100 on their fitness test about how they achieved and maintained this level of fitness.

Second Lt. Philip “PJ” Menagh, the Ramstein HAWC’s registered dietitian and nutrition program manager, helped unveil their secrets to success during a personal interview.

Capt. Edward Jones, 3rd Air Force
Age: 29
Time in service: Seven years
PT Score: 100 percent for seven consecutive tests

Q: Getting 100 percent on a fitness test is hard enough once. What are some of the things you do that have helped you to secure a perfect score seven years in a row?

A: I’ve consistently worked out my whole life, usually about five times per week. I mix things up by engaging in several activities such as cycling, soccer and some weight lifting.

Q: Let’s look at how you prepare. Do you adjust your typical workouts when your physical training test is coming due?

A: About two to three months out I’ll start adding in more running – mostly shorter distances and intervals – in order to get used to running a faster pace.
Q: Could you give us an example of one of your interval sessions?

A: I might do something like sprint 100 meters, then jog 100 meters and then get right back to the sprints and repeat for a while.

Q: What is your diet composed of?

A: I eat five to six meals per day – smaller portions that are higher in protein.

Q: If there was one piece of advice you could share with someone trying to improve their fitness score, what would that be?

A: Consistency. We should be able to pass a fitness test any day of the year, maybe not get a perfect 100, but at least pass. Work out regularly all year-round so you have a base line, then you won’t have to do anything drastic to get ready (for a test) – just a little fine tuning.

Staff Sgt. Brian Hiatt, 86th Operations Support Squadron
Age: 26
Time in service: Seven and a half years
PT Score: 100 percent for seven consecutive tests

Q: How do you stay physically fit?

A: No one pushes me to go to the gym, so I make sure to go myself. Generally, five times per week – I’ll only take time off if I’m on leave.

Q: What about unit PT?

A: Unit PT and the Total Fit workouts help. I don’t like running, but through unit PT, I do run with the rest of the unit. Plus, I’m a PT leader, and I want to lead by example.
Q: What do you enjoy doing for some of your workouts?

A: We like to put the parachute packs on our backs and do push-ups. It’s an extra 45 pounds, and it makes a big difference.

Q: What foods do you eat in order to recover after a workout?

A: No fast food, no soda and no sweets. I eat fruit, salads and grilled meat. We grill out a few times per week.

Q: A lot of our Airmen find it hard to eat healthy because they are so busy. How do you manage?

A: I live on base, so I run home and my wife makes lunch for me – usually just sandwiches. Even if I didn’t do this, I would try to pack a lunch whenever I could. It’s healthy and it saves a lot of money. Eating out is expensive, and I try to be frugal.

Q: Any other advice to those trying to increase their physical fitness levels and health?

A: No matter what you do throughout the day, make sure that you set aside one hour and get some exercise.

HAWC Notes:
• The FDA has recalled all nutritional supplements in the Hydroxycut line. For more information, visit www.fda.gov/bbs/topics/NEWS/2009/NEW02006.html.
• Ramstein’s Health and Fitness Expo will be held from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Thursday in front of the Southside Fitness Center. Multiple agencies will be available to answer questions. For
questions, contact the 435th Services Squadron at