What to check prior to inspection

Story and photo by Tech. Sgt. Jerry Emry
86th Vehicle Readiness Squadron

The Kapaun POV inspection station would like to inform the public about a few things they can accomplish before bringing their privately owned vehicles through the inspection station. Checking all lights will greatly increase the likelihood your vehicle will pass inspection the first time.

The lights to be checked include license plate lights, turn signal lights, brake lights, headlights, park lights, day-time running lights, reverse lights, and any other additional lights you may have added to your vehicle. All lights must be operational. 

Another important thing to consider is that all tires must have a minimum tread depth of 1/16 of an inch on the entire tread that meets the surface of the road.
Also, all U.S. Army Europe-registered vehicles must have a first aid kit (Deutsche Industrienorm, DIN, German Industry Standard 13164), and warning triangle to pass inspection.

Additionally, front window tint is not allowed, according to USAREUR regulation 190-1. Window tint is defined as any film that can be removed from the windows.  
Finally, having your current registration and renewal form (190-1AA) out when driving up for inspection saves time for the inspectors and POV patrons as well. Motorists should get their cars inspected at least 30 days prior to their expiration date, just in case repairs need to be made to the vehicles. Remember to stop at the stop sign and wait to be directed forward. This is for your safety and the safety of others.     

Taking the time to check your vehicle’s lights, tires and other pertinent items before bringing them to the POV inspection station will save you time in the long run. The USAREUR inspection ensures your vehicles are safe to operate on the German autobahns, and other European roads, keeping you and your family safe and other people who may be traveling on these roads as well. It also ensures your vehicles meet the standards set forth in USAREUR regulation 190-1. 

For more information about registration policies and procedures, see the above mentioned regulation or call the Kapaun POV inspection station at 489-6400.