What to expect when weather changes

Lt. Col. Mark K. White
431st Air Base Group deputy commander

Germany’s winter snow storms can be dangerous for drivers in the KMC.   Although civil engineer crews are effective at plowing and salting the streets on base, many roads in local villages are not clear, making it hazardous to drive on ice and snow.  Americans, local national employees and contractors throughout the KMC need to know the general definition of the four color codes used for road conditions and what to expect when those conditions are announced.

-Road Conditions Green 
Roads are clear: Normal operations and all base services open.

-Road Conditions Amber 
Roads are mildly to severely affected by weather conditions: Exercise caution.  Most installation operations and services open but late reporting or early release of Department of Defense Dependent Schools students and base personnel could be authorized.

-Road Conditions Red
Roads are very hazardous for driving with widespread ice and snow:  Do not plan on running errands, as driving is discouraged. Limit driving to only essential trips to and from work.  Expect late reporting or early release of base services and probable closure of all non-mission essential activities.  Examples of mission essential activities include security, fire and road clearing services, some flight line activities, enlisted dining facilities, child development centers, lodging facilities and specifically-designated work centers.

Road Conditions Black
 Roads are extremely hazardous and dangerous for any driving: Private vehicles should not be on the road.
Because of differing geography, road and weather conditions can vary between Landstuhl, Ramstein and Sembach.  KMC leadership will consider a number a variables and circumstances before closing facilities. 

If in doubt about the operating hours of any activity or unit reporting, call the unit or your supervisor first.  Don’t risk your life and others by driving unnecessarily in unsafe conditions. 

To get the latest road conditions, call the weather hotline at 480-COLD (2653).