What your career assistance adviser offers

by Senior Master Sgt. Joel Tilley
435th Mission Support Squadron Professional Development Center

The Ramstein Professional Enhancement Center is a consolidation of the career assistance adviser and the First Term Airmen Center. It supports the largest Air Force population overseas and trains more than 2,000 Airmen a year.

Some of the programs offered by the CAA are informed decision briefings, professional development seminars, retraining and recruiting events.

“We try to reach every enlisted Air Force member through one of our programs,” said Master Sgt. Steve Woodland, 435th Mission Support Squadron CAA.
The informed decision briefings cover topics such as pay and benefits, retirement, thrift savings plan and medical care.

“We cover some of the intangible benefits the Air Force has to offer, such as life experiences that one obtains from serving in today’s Air Force,” he said.

 For those interested in separating from the Air Force, the Air Force Reserve and Air National Guard, representatives come in and explain how servicemembers can continue their Air Force careers part time – a benefit where time served is not lost toward retirement. For those continuing their service, professional development possibilities are offered.

The CAA offers numerous NCO PDS each year and two SNCO PDS each year. The NCO PDS is designed for staff sergeants and technical sergeants who have been two or more years since their last professional military education: Airman Leadership School or Non-commissioned Officer Academy. The SNCO PDS is designed for newly selected master sergeants.

Both seminars are three days long and are designed to remind NCOs and new SNCOs how important their role is in the supervisory chain and various opportunities available to them.

The Ramstein Professional Enhancement Center is located in Bldg. 2106, Room 215 on Ramstein.

For FTAC related items, call Tech. Sgt. Bonnie Janas at 480-8509. For CAA related items, call Sergeant Woodland at 480-9472.