When you steal – you steal from us all

There are many thrills in this world — bungee jumping, skydiving or parachuting just to name a few. 

Unfortunately, some of our Kaiserslautern Military Community citizens find other ways to get a thrill … through shoplifting.

When these people shoplift at our KMC Center and succeed, they gain the thrill of obtaining an item that didn’t cost any money. And if they’re caught, they figure “what’s the harm?” It’s only a pair of earrings, or a $12 CD. It’s not hurting anyone. Well they’re wrong! Their actions hurt not only them, but their parents/sponsors, the community and the merchants who provide the items at the KMCC. They steal from all of us.

Shoplifting has been on the rise from the opening of the new KMCC mall. Commencing from the grand opening in September 2009, there have been 67 cases of shoplifting. Military members apprehended for shoplifting could face reduction in grade, forfeiture of pay, six months confinement and a bad-conduct discharge.

Not only is it an embarrassment to your spouse, but to your unit and the wing.  Of the 67 cases of shoplifting, 38 of them were military family members. As punishment, those family members apprehended for shoplifting could face restriction from all AAFES facilities for a minimum of nine months for the first offense. 

In addition, the violators could face a minimum of 16 hours of community service. Finally, every shoplifting violator has to pay a $200 reconstitution fee for every item stolen, regardless of the price of the item.

With all the disciplinary actions a shoplifter could face, you may ask, “why would they do it?” Most offenders do it to see how much they can get away with or to prove to their friends they could not get caught. With more than 100 closed-circuit cameras, plain-clothes detectives throughout the store and security forces on patrol, chances are you will get caught.

  So when you have the urge to steal, think of how you impact everyone else, your family, your command, merchants and your future. Because when you steal, you steal from all of us.

(Courtesy of the 86th Security Forces Squadron)