Where Thunderbolts strike

by Airman 1st Class Jordan Castelan
86th Airlift Wing Public Affairs

Operations around the world call for quick and decisive actions, and members of the 4th Air Operations Support Group are prepared to provide the needed tactical command and control of aerospace power to ensure mission success.

The 4th ASOG is entrusted to carry out the necessary support for theater-wide combat and training.

“Without the 4th ASOG, United States Army Europe and United States Army Africa would have to coordinate any field training with an ASOG back in the States,” said Staff Sgt. Maximilian McPhee, 4th ASOG supply NCO in charge. “This in turn would decrease mission readiness.”

Recently awarded the Thunderbolt award, McPhee embodies the theater-wide combat support and training the 4th ASOG aims to achieve.

“The Thunderbolt award shows that even though there are operators out there doing great things and saving lives, there are people behind the scenes making sure the operators have the items and support they require to get the job done,” McPhee said.

While assigned to the 4th ASOG McPhee has spearheaded the deactivation of the 4th Air Support Operations Squadron, Detachment 1 and finished the deactivation process of the 1st ASOS.

McPhee also coordinated shipments of necessary radios down range from three different units to support war fighters, which has greatly increased the war fighter’s mission capabilities, McPhee said.

To further his own capabilities, McPhee received certification for drivers of vehicles carrying dangerous goods.

“I attended the course for the possibility of the operators requiring the transfer of munitions or other items,” McPhee said.

By obtaining an ADR certification, McPhee aids to cut spending by eliminating the need for contractors to carry the same cargo.

McPhee and the 4th ASOG stand ready to serve Team Ramstein and the mission by providing the Air Force with a premier installation to enable and assure strategic capabilities.