Women’s History Month

by Gabriele Arseneault
Landstuhl Elementary Middle School
Three readers from Ms. Kim Gardner-Pumah’s reading class at Landstuhl Elementary Middle School shared their summaries of nonfiction biographies of the current female Supreme Court Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg (read by Jade Corizzi), Sonya Sotomayor (read by Sofia Morales), and Elena Kagan (read by Emily Lane). Order of Supreme Court Justices (left to right), Jade Corizzi, Sofia Morales, and Emily Lane.

To celebrate Women’s History Month, at Landstuhl Elementary Middle School, readers from Kim Gardner-Pumah’s reading class shared their summaries of nonfiction biographies. The students also presented their Reading Fair poster boards to their parents, siblings, friends, and teachers. Students were awarded certificates for the top 5 genre posters and reading fair poster boards. The judges declared numerous ties for the production of the genre posters and reading fair poster boards. A Parent-Teacher-Staff-Association member and another grade level classroom teacher judged the reading work. Students enjoyed their opportunities to read to their wonderful audience and receiving prizes as well.