You heard it here: the straight skinny on smart cards

Four things you need to use SCL:
• A card reader installed on the computer
• Active Card 3.0 (the latest software version)
• The card must be associated with the Ramstein domain
• A valid PIN

Your client support administrator can help with the first three issues.

If you know your PIN, then all four are covered. No further action is required on your part. If you don’t know your PIN, stand by. Guidance on how to reset your PIN will be forthcoming through your chain of command.

If you happen to leave your identification card in the card reader and leave the base, report to the West Gate Visitor Center.  Personnel there will verify your identity through IACS and grant you base access.  If you are not registered in IACS, you will have to be sponsored on base to get a temporary pass.

If you have any other questions or issues regarding Smart Card Logon, contact your CSA or the USAFE Consolidated Help Desk at 480-7250.