Zestful leaders mold positive outlook, attitude

Maj. David Carlson
52nd Equipment Maintenance Squadron

***image1***Attitude is the No. 1 trait for success among leaders. The vast majority of leaders and mentors I have known throughout my life who’ve helped mold and shape me into the person I am today radiated a positive attitude.

Each of them may have defined success in their lives differently, but what made them so fun, exciting and influential in my life was their positive attitude – their zest for life. In every case, their positive attitudes defied the many challenges they may have had to overcome.

Maintaining a positive attitude, despite life’s trials and challenges, is a conscious choice. To obtain and maintain a positive attitude, the first place to start is with your thoughts.

The 19th century Englishman and father of the self-help movement, Dr. James Allen, said, “You yourself are maker of yourself by virtue of the thoughts which you choose and encourage.”

Bottom line: To have a good attitude, you must think about positive things. It is important each of us occasionally accomplishes an attitude check on ourselves. Ask yourself, “How does my attitude affect my self esteem, my unit, my friends and my family?” or “Am I allowing outside influences I have little to no control over – such as the weather, a high ops tempo or a micro-managing supervisor – to affect my behavior and my attitude?”

We, as Airmen, have so much to be thankful for and be positive about. The opportunity to experience the people, culture, language and traditions of Germany; and the opportunity to serve the greatest freedom-loving nation on earth.

A positive attitude is key to overcoming challenges we face in life. It starts with you.