101 days of Fit Factor fun

Fit Factor is a great Air Force initiative to get  youth, between
the ages of 9 and 18, on the right path to leading active and healthy
lives. Through this program, youth can achieve points from
participating in a variety of activities ranging from sports,
completing daily chores, eating healthy, participating in instructional
classes, and much more. Through acquiring points, participants will
achieve the different levels of fitness and at each level receive
incentives for their hard work and dedication. Furthermore, this
summer, participants will have the chance to receive 150 Extreme Summer
points for each level they reach. So, if a child takes part in Extreme
Summer this is just another way to earn points while being active and
just having fun.  

However, that is not where it ends. For youth participants between the
ages of 9 and 12, reaching the first level, which is only 1,000 points,
will earn them the chance to participate in one Kid’s Night Out for
free. If a teen participant reaches the first level, they will be able
to attend one teen dance for free. Participants must remember that to
receive all these rewards and incentives they have to log their points
on the Fit Factor Web site. Even if a  youth is not a participant
of Fit Factor, he or she can come in and register at the Ramstein Youth
Center. For further questions pertaining to Fit Factor or Extreme
Summer please contact the Ramstein Youth Center at 480-6444 or
06371-47-6444. You will also find more information at 
(Courtesy of Ramstein Youth Programs)