Rugby Champs

Al Cagle
Contributing writer

***image1***The RAF Ramstein Rogues Rugby Football Club defeated a well trained
team from Mainz University this past Saturday by a score of 21-5. This
victory evened the score between the two sides from last year, where
Mainz RFC defeated RAF Ramstein 26-0. With this victory, and the points
differential between all the other matches played during the past year
for Rheinland Pfalz, the RAF Ramstein Rogues again claimed the
championship of Division-III rugby in their German state, re-claiming
the trophy from Mainz. Playing teams from Trier, Worms, Mainz and
KL-Speyer in a round-robin format, home and away matches, the Rogues
tied wins and losses with Mainz, and after review of the point spread
between opponents, RAF Ramstein claimed victory.

This weekend’s match was played at the Rogues’ home pitch in
Queidersbach. A hot Saturday only made the endurance on both sides the
deciding factor. Eighteen Rogue ruggers were on tap to play the Mainz
side, and all were needed.  With the forwards managing the
scrumming and lineouts, the backs with their speed and talent burst
through the Mainz defense to score three times. Scoring in this final
match for the season were: 
Randy Gruspe, ‘Smoov Grace, and E. Kirchner. It was Randy Gruspe’s
golden toe that kicked all three conversions, and also cleared the ball
out of the Rogues’ half of the pitch many times to stop the Mainz
attack.  Gruspe was awarded Man of the Match for his speed and
kicking ability which had a tremendous impact on the win for the
Rogues. The Rogues pause now from match play to recover during the
summer. New players are always encouraged to come out and any talent
level is welcome. For more information on the Rogues RFC, e-mail their
Web site at