1st CBCS creates Super Bowl party alternative

1st Lt. Barron Tompkins
1st Combat Communications Squadron

***image1***The grandest sporting event of the year has come and gone, but where did you spend it? If you are like most of the Americans across the KMC, you were left with the option of either: a) a bar, or b) a club. Where were the alternatives?

The Super Bowl means many things to many people. For some, it represents the culmination of another year of professional football. For others, it is an opportunity to bond with friends and family in a festive environment.

Unfortunately, some view the Super Bowl as simply another excuse to drink excessively. Throughout the KMC, there were indeed numerous venues allowing members to enjoy the big game, but you would be hard pressed to find a location that was not selling alcohol.

The 1st Combat Communications Squadron has begun an initiative to help reduce alcohol-related incidents by establishing a new atmosphere for its Airmen. It began Sunday by encouraging its fellow 86th Airlift Wing squadrons to participate with the 1st CBCS in the first Alcohol-free Super Bowl Extravaganza.

“To change a culture we must take action,” said Lt. Col. Joe Sublousky, 1st CBCS commander. “Words, thoughts and great ideas must be turned into alternatives and then we must execute. That is exactly what my Airmen did last Sunday and I am proud to serve with each and every member in 1st CBCS as we strive to save lives and careers by offering alternatives to alcohol-focused events.”

“What we were looking for was an opportunity to utilize 1st CBCS’ technology and training to provide Airmen a means of staying out of trouble,” said Tech. Sgt. Eric Clawson, who was in charge of orchestrating the event. “By implementing our Global Broadcasting System, we were able to not only watch the game, but also provide Airmen with essential training. What we did with the GBS was a first for our squadron.” (operating a GBS for e-mail and streaming satellite.)

***image2***More than 65 members of the 86th AW took part in the evening’s festivities, which were kicked off with a football video game tournament. “We were ready for 500 people to show up,” said Sergeant Clawson.  “Next year, we will start spreading the word sooner.”

The party included sodas and burgers with all the fixings thanks to the 1st CBCS Booster Club. Everyone, including the Chicago fans, enjoyed the night, he said.

“I really hoped Chicago would pull it out,” said Airman 1st Class Thomas Robertson. “Still the night was extremely successful.  I am really thankful that our leadership, from the squadron up to the wing, took the time and effort to ensure that Airmen, such as me, were not overlooked.  I was able to hang out with my co-workers and even make some new friends.”

It is 1st CBCS’ hope that all squadrons across the KMC will aim to establish fun, safe, alternatives to the local bar scene not just on Super Bowl night, but for every night of the week. Ultimately, it should be everyone’s goal to put a stop to alcohol-related incidents.  For the Indianapolis Colts and Chicago Bears, it was the conclusion of the season, but, for those pushing for alternatives to establishments promoting alcohol, the season never ends.