2012 Air Force Climate Survey

Would you like to tell your leaders what you think? Click on your link to the 2012 Air Force Climate Survey and get started. The survey will be available online through June 22.

The Air Force Climate Survey is designed to assess the opinions and perceptions of the Air Force’s active-duty members, Reserve, Guard and civilian personnel on a wide range of topics, including resources, recognition, satisfaction and unit performance.

The survey includes major command-specific questions, as well as comment questions so people can express opinions on how their organization can improve.
Through the AF Climate Survey, all Air Force members have the chance to highlight concerns that directly affect them and their units’ mission.

This feedback serves to improve each organization and the entire Air Force. Look for your personal invitation to the survey in your inbox. If an invitation was not received, Airmen can request a survey by sending an email to  surveysupport@us.af.mil with the Subject line “Need an invitation to 2012 AF Climate Survey.”

We need to ensure that we take this opportunity to “Speak Today, Shape Tomorrow.”