Wing holds first resiliency trainer course

Story and photo by Airman 1st Class Hailey Haux
86th Airlift Wing Public Affairs

The 521st Air Mobility Operations Wing held a Resiliency Trainer Assistance Course for the first time June 5 to 8 on Ramstein.

This RTA class consisted of seven students from three squadrons who embraced three educational days followed by a day of teaching seminar to build students’ confidence.

“‘Develop and care for our Airmen and families’ is AMOW’s focus, and it echoes one of the Air Force’s priorities by expanding the Comprehensive Airman Fitness initiative,” said Master Sgt. Matthew Hose, 521st AMOW lead master resiliency trainer. “Though the Army was the driving force behind the Master Resilience Trainer course, Air Mobility Command became one of two commands in the Air Force to start the program to prepare Airmen and their families for adverse events before they occur.”

The first three days of the course students were taught the attributes of resiliency and how to overcome hardships.

“I have gone through a lot in my career,” said Senior Master Sgt. Jack Johns III, RTA course student. “Resiliency has helped me get through my own trials, personally and professionally, and this course is a wonderful opportunity for me to help my fellow Airmen.”

On the fourth day of the course students met up at the gym for a physical training obstacle course session.

“I tested the student’s resilience through a fitness challenge that incorporated teamwork, mental agility, energy management and physical endurance,” Hose said.

Once done with the gym, the students went back to work in the classroom where it was their turn to teach a portion of resiliency.

“I look forward to teaching my section,” said Staff Sgt. Casey Churton, RTA course student. “My topic, ‘putting it into perspective,’ is a five-step method that helps deal with any event in your life.”

Participants were taught the core competencies that contribute to resilience: self-awareness, self-regulation, optimism, mental agility, strength of character and connection.

“All skills that participants learn through the course build resilience by targeting one or more of those core competencies,” Hose said. “By gaining these skills Airmen will develop their ability to understand their thoughts, emotions and behaviors of themselves and others.”

In order to build optimism and positive emotions, the students were reminded of the important things in life.

“It’s essential to think about the good stuff and share it with family and friends,” said Master Sgt. Mark Aube, another RTA course student.

Resiliency trainer assistants will go on to train an eight-hour resiliency course within their respective units, as well as at the First Term Airman’s Center. In addition, they will be assisting master resiliency trainers during RTA courses.

“Resilience is the ability to grow and thrive in the face of challenges and bounce back from adversity,” Hose said. “This is a milestone for this geographic region as we forge more resilient Airmen and families.”

The tenant wing is extending this opportunity to the host wing and partners within the KMC as they develop and care for Airmen and families.

(Editor’s Note: Master Sgt. Matthew Hose, 521st Air Mobility Operations Wing, contributed to this story.)